Thursday, March 26, 2009

What CAN I eat?

I have been posting recently about nutrition and eating habits. A lot of the information I posted came from the Weston A Price foundation, a non-profit organization that has studied traditional cultures and what foods make healthy people. Their information is based on research, and their website is very interesting. Their focus is the importance of eating nutrient dense food. Of course, what they say is not easy to hear. What, you mean eating pre-packaged, pre-prepared stuff is bad for me? Yes. Sometimes what's the best way to do things is not the easiest way.

Some of the stuff they say is new to me, like soaking/sprouting/fermenting nuts and grains. I still need some more info on that, but with a little planning ahead, sounds like it's pretty easy to do. They also suggest raw milk products(unpasteaurized, whole milk). In other words, getting your milk straight from a farmer, who has not heated or treated it. From what I've heard, if they are using proper techniques of hygiene and storage, it should be germ-free and it has enzymes in it to help with digestion. They suggest some simple ways to use it to make yogurt or soft cheeses at home with little effort. They also suggest using different oils than what other organizations in the United States are currently suggesting.

Those things aside, they have a few ideas that we all could start applying in our lives to help ourselves live longer, healthier lives.
*Eat whole, natural foods (organic, non-processed, with skin whenever possible)
*Eat REAL foods - fruits, veggies, eggs, meat, whole grains (unprocessed is best)
*Use bones to make stock because the bones have good stuff inside

I think those ideas are pretty non-disputable. They are not impossible to do either, even for busy people. What we think is normal and healthy right now in this country is totally messed-up. But in my opinion, the only way to make lasting changes in our lives, is to do it little by little and stick with it. Baby steps. We can eat healthier, and our family can be healthier as a result. It is an investment I am willing to make.

Little by little we are eating differently. We rarely eat anything from a can. We don't eat cereal hardly at all anymore. I need to start making homemade cookies and crackers to replace the store bought, and also to start eating more fruit for snacks instead. I am planting a garden this year, so we will have a large supply of organic veggies for cheap. I try to buy and cook a whole chicken when I can, and we have chicken and broth for soup, plus some chicken left over for other stuff. What stuff are you doing to better your diet? What new baby step could you take?

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  1. Good entry. I think the affluent people in Tegucigalpa ought to eat more like their poorer cousins in the countryside. Less meat, more fruits and veggies, whole grain tortillas, mango juice, etc. Instead they are being manipulated by US manufacturers to drink soft drinks, eat fast food and eat lots of processed foods. Diabetes is rampant in the country, too.


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