Monday, January 25, 2010

My Little Interpreter

It has been interesting to listen to Chili as she increases her vocabulary in two languages and to observe her making the connection between words of the same meaning in each language. She sometimes thinks it is fun to play "interpreter" and say the word in both languages. Here are some examples of what she has been saying: snow-nieve, apple-manzana, I love you-mucho(she hasn't figured out the te quiero part yet), mine-mio(that was the first one, I guess just in case anyone didn't understand it was HERS), Ya voy-I'm coming(this one always makes me laugh), trash-basura, cookie-galleta, money-monedas(techinically monedas are coins, but at least she gets the connection), socks-medias(she can't say calcetines yet, so we're going with this). These are the ones that are coming to mind right now, I know there are more. It's so fun to hear her come up with new things.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Living Better in 2010

Looking back at my goals from last year, I can say that I did a pretty decent job with them. I planted my BIG garden, read some gardening books, and set up my bulletin board. All of which have been great "investments." As far as meal planning, I would say I get that done 75% of the time. Things go better when I plan, but it doesn't always get done. I did form a cleaning schedule, and liked having it as a guide, and not a strict schedule. Since I have moved, I haven't written a new one, so it has fallen to the wayside. One of the best cleaning routines I have established is to clean up the family room with my daughter before bed. I tell her she is going to go nite-nite so the toys do to. We put them in their beds (containers). We don't do it every night, but it's a huge help for me when we do. The family room is where we are all the time, and if her toys are everywhere (which is pretty much everyday) we all have to step on her mess. Ouch! I don't feel like I'm any more patient that last year. How does one get more patient anyway? I know my daughter has given me plenty of opportunties this year, but I don't feel like it's helped much. Will have to keep pondering and post another day about that one.

So, here's my list for this year:
Ecological - 8 repurposing projects, a trash analysis, attempt to do sprouts at home (pea and bean sprouts), and get my tomato and pepper starts going at home
Personal - organize my closet, and our attic space upstairs into a useable space, do another cleaning schedule
Family Health - prepare more smoothies, walk daily (or almost daily) once it gets nice enough, continue with meal planning
Spiritual - consistantly keeping a time before bed for prayer/meditation in order to maintain my center

What are your Living Better goals for 2010?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Movie Review: Leonera (Lion's Den)

This movie, in Spanish (with subtitles), is set in Argentina. A young girl is accused of murder and sent to prison. The catch, she's pregnant. She is sent to a special cell block for pregnant women and women with children. I was surprised to see that they allowed these children to stay with them until they were 4 years old. I was also surprised at how long the judicial process lasted. She was in prison almost four years for she even had her trial.

I like to watch movies that allow me to see life through someone else's eyes. This movie did that for me, allowing me to see another mother's struggle and love for her child. I have to give this movie applause for showing mothers breastfeeding, a normal part of life, yet something we don't see often enough in our culture.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Creative When Homebound

We received a Christmas present in the mail the other day. Not only was I super excited to get a case for my sewing machine, but the unexpected surprise was the filler in the box. Paper! And lots of it. So on day four of being shut-in, we are happy to have another activity to occupy our time. I'm surprised when I look at this photo, at how much Chili is looking like a "big girl."

Our "work of art." :)

That was one big sheet of paper!
Now what to do with the other 9 hours in the day...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Movie Review: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This movie is set in WWII Germany. The young boy's father is a soldier. He gets a promotion and they prepare to move to the country. The boy begins to ask questions about the "farm" he can see through his window and why the people there are always wearing pajamas. He begins exploring the woods, and eventually discovers this "farm." He befriends a boy on the other side, and tries to understand the situation in his child-like mind. The dynamic changes when he decides to help his friend to find his missing father, by crossing under the fence and pretending to be a child on this "farm."

This movie made me reflect on how throughout history, looking at others as different has allowed us to separate ourselves from others, and in some instances even justify the mistreatment of others. I think it's important we remind ourselves of the similarities the exist between us all. When we hear of the sufferings of others, before we go on with our day, we need to ask ourselves: what if that was me? what if that were my child? I think the world would be a better place if we did.