Monday, January 25, 2010

My Little Interpreter

It has been interesting to listen to Chili as she increases her vocabulary in two languages and to observe her making the connection between words of the same meaning in each language. She sometimes thinks it is fun to play "interpreter" and say the word in both languages. Here are some examples of what she has been saying: snow-nieve, apple-manzana, I love you-mucho(she hasn't figured out the te quiero part yet), mine-mio(that was the first one, I guess just in case anyone didn't understand it was HERS), Ya voy-I'm coming(this one always makes me laugh), trash-basura, cookie-galleta, money-monedas(techinically monedas are coins, but at least she gets the connection), socks-medias(she can't say calcetines yet, so we're going with this). These are the ones that are coming to mind right now, I know there are more. It's so fun to hear her come up with new things.

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  1. It truly is really great when they start doing it. I am always in awe of my 3.5 year old daughter when she does stuff like that. They are so incredibly smart and to see it happening in front of your eyes and to be able to follow their progress is priceless!


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