Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just after getting back from vacation, my little Chilipuca learned a new word. My brother lent me his DVD player to try to keep Chili occupied on the plane. She watched a few minutes of Dora the Explorer before she started trying to push the buttons and we had to turn it off. The following day at home I needed to get something done, and put Dora on for her. She watched what, a half hour...later on in the day she saw the DVD player and screamed, "DORA!" (Sounded more like Doh-wa) How did she learn that word so quick? (Heck, she doesn't even say Mama yet!) Now that is one of her favorite words. She climbs up to get the remote control to the TV, pushes the buttons and says, "Dora!" Then when it doesn't work, she hands me the control and adamently insists, "Dora!" Actually, she calls any cartoon Dora, but if she sees Dora on a T-shirt or pillow, she can recognize her. I don't know what makes Dora so cool to a 17 month old, but my daughter is definately a fan!


  1. my kids LOOOOVE Dora! Elias says De Nada instead of thank you and Gracias, it's so cute!

  2. My daughter's "Dora" sounds like "Doh-wa" too! ;)


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