Friday, January 16, 2009

Skin Deep

We all care about our family's health. Sometimes the products we are using for our skincare (shampoo, soap, makeup, sunscreen) can have ingredients that with long-term use can adversely affect our health. We all have products we are accostumed to using. But how can we know what is in them? Ingredient lists are usually hard to understand. One rule of thumb I use is: If I can't pronounce it, I probably shouldn't be using it. Another thing you can do is use the Skin Deep database to search for a specific product you use. It will tell you which ingredients in that product are harmful and why, which might possibly be harmful, and which haven't been studied. Another tool it has is a rating system. So, if you want to know which lotions have the best ratings, you can check out a list. You can also see what ratings the products you are using have. It's or just google Skin Deep.

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  1. i love that site! it's a bit frightening to think about the stuff we bombard our bodies with--inside and out--without even thinking about it. i stopped using lathering hair cleansers and it's made a huge difference in the family's hair, and i feel better about not putting industrial style cleansers on our heads... now if i could only talk myself into getting rid of the antiperspirant... *sigh*


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