Monday, January 5, 2009

Green Cleaners

All Purpose Spray
Spray 1: Mix 2 1/2 tsp borax, dab of liquid soap, and 2 cups hot water. Mix and shake in a spray bottle for use on counters, etc.
*Add a couple drops of tea tree oil or lavender essential oil. It will add a nice fragrance to your mix, and adds the benefit of being a natural disinfectant/fungicide. Warning: a little goes a long way, just put a few drops (like 1-5?).
Mine is in a spray bottle under my sink for easy cleaning anytime. This spray will leave you cents ($) and scents all around your house. Don't using it just make sense?
Spray 2: Mix 2 cups water with 1/8 cup white vinegar

Furniture Polish
Shake 1/2 tsp olive oil (or jojoba oil) in a jar with 1/4 c fresh lemon juice (or vinegar). You can add more oil if the wood is dry.

Window Spray
Mix 1/2 tsp liquid detergent, 3T white vinegar, and 2 c water

Mold spray
Pour undiluted white vinegar into spray bottle and spray on moldy area, do not rinse

Other tips:
*Write the recipe on the bottle with permanent marker so you don't have to look it up every time.
*These recipes may be non-toxic(don't have toxic chemicals), but shouldn't be ingested. Keep away from pets or children.


  1. Hey You! Great blog! I'm so glad you posted these great recipes! I haven't bought many cleaners for the new house yet because I hope to make a lot of what I'll be using. I haven't been committed enough yet to give up bleach like I know I should.... but furniture polish, AP cleaner, and glass cleaner are no problem! Bring on the lemon juice and Borax! I love it. What a great tip to write the recipe on the bottle. I would never have thought of that. What a marvelous idea!

    Hey, I miss you.

  2. I miss you too, Becca. While I haven't gotten rid of the bleach completely, I have decided to reserve it for use in the toilet bowl, as that is the one place that REALLY needs disinfecting! My white clothes aren't incredibly white, but I have resolved to start replacing what white stuff I can with colored, and then it won't matter much. If you see this message, would you post your recipe for dishwashing soap. I would really like to try that. If you don't already have an email for me, you can send it to How is the new house?

  3. I also like to make my own furniture polish. You can use just about any kind of oil with the lemon juice. I've used Walnut oil & lemon juice and it works really well.


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