Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Green

Today I want to post about where I am on my path to becoming a greener me. Here's my list:

- CFL's - Have you replaced your lights yet?
-Recycling - I am recycling as much as the city will let me. Hopefully, they'll continue to add more to the list of what is accepted.
- Buy Used - I try to buy second-hand stuff instead of new.
- Don't Buy - Even better than buying used is not buying at all. I always try to ask myself befrore I buy something, "Do I REALLY need this?"
- Cloth Bags - Use cloth bags when you buy.
- Cloth diapers - Really soooo easy. I really don't understand why more people don't use them. It's a rather small investment (of money and time) and it's soooooo much better for the environment and baby's bum.
- Buy organic - As much as possible I buy organic foods, though I don't buy organic meats(I get all-natural). This is not only better for your family (less chemicals), but it invests in a system that is protecting the environment.
- Buy local - As much as I can, I buy from local farmers. I walk to the Farmers' Market in the warmer months. I have bought meat locally as well, but you really need a big freezer to do this, and for now, we do not.
- Reusable products - No more paper plates at our house. To eat we use only glass plates, cups, and our silverware. It's not hard to start the dishwasher a little more often.
- Cloth napkins - Yes, they are stained, but that's because we use them! I would like to get some darker colored ones too because I don't usually use bleach. Maybe I'll find some this summer at a garage sale.
- Towels - I do have one roll of paper towels stashed away, but I can't remember the last time we used one.
- Green cleaners - I will have to post the recipes here. So much cheaper than store bought, and much better for the environment.
- Reusable water bottle and home water filter - No bottled water here. No plastic water bottles either (they leach chemicals that are not good for you).
- Low maintenence, chemical free lawn care - Ok, so I don't have much of a lawn, but even if I did, I would plan the space to make it a practical, usable space that doesn't need a lot of upkeep.
- Eco-friendly clothes detergent - We use Charlie's Soap.
- Think small - smaller house, smaller car, etc. We currently live in a small, probably 700-800sq. ft. place. It's a good way to conserve on utilities, and leave a smaller carbon-footprint.

Did I forget something? Probably. I'll just add it on later, I guess.

Though it's not easy being green, it's important. We might not see the damage we are doing yet, but all too soon we will, and I hope it's not too late! Is there something on this list you could try?


  1. good post! I'd be interested in your recipes for cleaners. have you ever made your own laundry detergent?

  2. Not yet. It's on my list of things I want to try, but I'm using cloth diapers and a lot of soaps leave a residue that causes them not to get as clean, so I may try that when we are done with diapering at my house.


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