Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You want me to bring you crap?

I had a funny conversation with Papi yesterday on the telephone. I made tacos for dinner, forgetting the I had already used up the last of the cheese, whoops! So, he stopped at the store. Now keep in mind, this guy has only done grocery shopping for me once, and we must have spent a good 10 minutes on the phone which is a lot considering the list had maybe 10 items on it. Needless to say, he doesn't have any idea what products I buy or where they are located. Here's what was said once he found the cheese section...

Papi - Que tipo de queso quieres? (What kind of cheese do you want?)
Mami - El que dice Mild Cheddar. (The one that says Mild Cheddar.)
Papi - Como se ve? (How does it look?)
Mami - Esta en una bolsa. Es de color anaranjado el queso. (It's in a bag. It's orange cheese.)
Papi - No mas tienen blanco. (They only have white.)
Mami - No, tienen anaranjado tambien. Buscalo. (No, they have orange too. Look for it.)
Papi - El que ya esta hecho gusanitos? (The one that's already made into little worms?)
Mami - Si, traigame uno que dice Kraft. (Yes, bring me one that says Kraft.)
Papi - You want me to bring you crap?
Mami - No, mi amor Kraft. K-R-A-F-T. (No, my love Kraft.)
Papi - Oh, ok. Ya lo encontre. (Now I found it.)
Mami - Que bien. Gracias. (Good. Thanks.)
Papi - Ahorita llego a casa. (I'll be home in a bit.)

Ay, the things a girl has to do to get some cheese around here. :)

Well, at least he didn't bring me crap!


  1. Ha, from now on I am going to ask you if you want crap on your quesadilla and crap in your soup and on and on until you tire of the joke which will surely be before I do. ;)-K

  2. Cappy is a brand of "churros" or chips in Honduras. They are a bit crappy actually. I'm glad you had fun with the miscommunication. Kraft vs. Crap. Good one.


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