Monday, December 29, 2008

Living Better in 2009

Are you making any New Year's Resolutions this year? One thing I like about the New Year is that it provides a chronological date to start fresh or try something new. I find it beneficial to reflect over the past year and think of how I would like to change. I have been debating over what to call them...resolutions? goals?...neh. They are more like my ideas on how I can live better. Maybe I'll call it my Living Better List. Some are things I might want to try, and see how they work for our family. So far I've just identified a few categories with some brainstormed ideas in each. My categories:

Ecological choices - Don't we all have something we could do to make us better stewards of this planet?
Personal - What do you want to do different for yourself?
Family Health - How can I improve my family's health this year?
Spiritual - What attitudes or choices do I need to change?

I will let you know when my list is finalized. Do you have a Living Better List? What kind of changes would you like to make this year? Go ahead, post a comment and share...

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  1. I haven't decided on my goals yet. I have started a list of what I learned in 2008, spiritual and otherwise.


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