Thursday, January 13, 2011

La vaca Lola

Thinking about cows today. We went to pick up a fourth of a cow from the meat locker from a local farmer. Mostly grass fed, but finished on some oats. Excited to have the freezer stocked up with local, natural meat! Chickens and beef! Won't hardly ever have to buy any meat at the store!

However, this is what Chili was thinking about. She's also had cows on the brain. There's a couple of kid songs on Youtube that she's been watching. This is what she thought we were going to get today. I think she was kinda bummed. La vaca Lola seems a little more fun.


  1. Where do you guys get your beef from? I've been looking into local places but don't have any firsthand experience with any yet.

  2. Lola the cow? I find this video a little weird... especially Lola's lips. But, glad you got some good beef. Nothing better than happy-meat.


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