Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vacation Highlights

Trip Highlights
- Two new words "hi" and "agua"
- Long walks (oh, how I dream of warm weather)
- Climbing, running, and sliding at a family fun center
- Chili taking mini-walks with grandpa. (She's never really had many opportunities to walk outside before. By the time she started walking, it was already too cold.)
- Visiting my grandma and grandpa (Chili's great-grandparents)
- Shopping for shoes- I hate it, but I was in need of some, and it helps to have someone else with when you have a little one
- Getting my hair re-cut. It looks so much better now.
- Chili giving and getting lots of love to/from grandma and grandpa, I think they enjoyed the hugs too
- Checking out the desert vegetation, very different
- Chili enjoyed walking on the small rocks that were people's "lawn"
- Having time to read about gardening, I am reading Square Foot Gardening and dreaming of spring Walking with grandpa.

Checking out the "agua."

Chili making friends with the "woo, woo." It was so cute how she got her face right up to his and said "hi."

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  1. I started square foot gardenig last year and I absolutely love it! Glad to see you had a good time in Arizona.


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