Friday, February 13, 2009

More Communication

Chili loves telephones. She doesn't understand that you should talk into the telephone, but she knows that Mami and Papi use them a lot and she would like to use them too. When she sees someone on the phone or even if she sees a phone, she puts her hand up to her ear as if it were a phone. She has an old cordless and two old cell phones that she plays with. This girl loves phones! I can only imagine what the teenage years will be like!

Another thing she loves are hats. Often she puts on hats at home. When she sees Papi with a hat on, she often steals it off and puts it on her own head. Whenever there is a hat somewhere, she puts her hands on her head.

I am trying to teach Chili about the nice way to touch people. She has no idea that her pinching, grabbing, etc. hurts Mami. So, I started telling her "Suave, suave" and softly touching her face, and having her lightly touch my face. I don't think she gets it, but when I say "Suave, suave" she strokes her face. Very cute!

Another word Chili understands is "beso" and if I tell her "dame un beso" she actually gives me a kiss! We are enjoying her kisses.

Recently when she falls and bumps her head, she pats the front of her head. Nevermind she hit the back of it!

She also gives her water cup to me when she wants more, and uses the ever popular arms in the air for "mami pick me up."

I am enjoying every new interaction as her little mind begins to develop and tries to communicate!

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