Wednesday, October 28, 2009

200 Words and Analysis

Early in the month of October, Chili hit her 200 word mark. She is picking up new words everyday and loves to copy things she hears even if she doesn't know what they mean. She is enjoying being able to communicate, and we get such a kick out of hearing what she is thinking. The linguist in me of course had to do a brief analysis of her language aquisition. She has more than 104 words in Spanish and more than 42 words in English. She has more words (about 16) referring to animals and noises, and more than 22 referring to people she knows or characters (in books or on TV). She is now starting to put words together to show who it belongs to (like "mami gorro" for "mom's hat"). She also has a couple phrases she can use like, "How are you?" (not that she knows what that means, but she hears people say it all the time), "love you," and "alli esta" (it's over there). She really surprised me the other day when she said, "woo, woo alli esta" to tell me that there was a dog over there. My personal favorite is lately when she is asking for something and I tell her not right now, or maybe later, she responds, "mañana." I don't know if she really understands the concept of tomorrow, but she at least is okay with the fact that she's not getting it now. It makes me chuckle every time.

Now that I have written this blog post, it is really bothering me that I don't have my tildes on any of my Spanish words. Does anyone know how to do this when you use a IBM laptop and are writing using Blogger?


  1. Just do this:
    Press ALT+FN, and then-
    160 á
    130 é
    161 í
    162 ó
    163 ú
    164 ñ
    168 ¿
    173 ¡

  2. I have used that in the past, but for some reason it doesn't work on my laptop, maybe because I don't have the separate number pad??? So far no luck with changing my keyboard to Spanish either...still open to suggestions.

  3. I liked your post, I'm a gringo living in El Salvador and married to a local here. My spansih is very week, so I'm sure your daughter is way ahead of me by now.
    As for your keyboard issues if you haven't got it to work yet you can follow these instructions. I'm on XP right now, but Vista is pretty much the same.

    Open Control Panel, then 'Regional and Language Options' Click the languages tab, then click Details.

    If you don't have Spanish installed in the list, click the Add button on the right side of the window. A new window will come up with all the languages available, select the spanish version you want, then click OK. Next click on the Advanced tab at the top of the window, and check the first option 'Extend support of advanced text services...' Click OK, and OK again to close all the windows.
    The language bar should show up, at the top of your desktop, or on the taskbar. It doesn't really matter if it does or not.
    The easiest way to insert spanish characters is to press Left Alt+Shirt, that switches you to your secondary language (assuming spanish) then when you want to use the characters you press the [ key, then the character you want to add the tilde to, for instance if I want to write cafe in spanish I switch using left alt+shit then press [+e café that works for all the vowels áéíóú and the semi colon is the ñ. You don't need the [ for ñ.
    Probably too late, but that's how it works.

  4. Sorry, I had trouble typing shift for some reason and put a bad word in there by accident!!


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